What Are People Saying?


“Two volunteers from Access Champions aided me in the Accessibility & Inclusion Conference, and I can honestly say that without their help the event would not have been such a success! The volunteers were incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and willing to help with whatever was needed. As students, and as individuals in the midst of an incredibly busy time of the year, these volunteers went above and beyond to deliver incredible service and value to the Queen’s Community.”

– Rosie Petrides, Equity & Diversity Commissioner – SGPS, 2018

“Excellent. My only critiques are to publicize more, particularly to incoming students. The student I was working with (and requested help for) had no idea about accessibility champions coming to Queen’s, and my own knowledge was limited. This is obviously a fantastic program we have and I am sure it can only grow with more widespread knowledge. The help we were offered was incredibly important, I am very pleased that we had such it as it really improved the student’s Orientation experience. I am sure others can benefit from the service, however, they may not know about it. Information about Accessibility Champions should be provided to student associations, Orientation Executives, Dons and the like in order to make sure people are aware of it.”

 – Leo Burns Scully, Queen’s Orientation Organizer, 2014

“The Human Rights and Equity Offices hosted an event in October 2014 to celebrate Autism Awareness Month and employed the services of Access Champions to enhance the volunteer cadre and to ensure that attendees with disabilities could easily participate in the event. Sam and the rest of the Access Champions were great! Punctual, professional, and flexible.”

– Heidi Penning, Queen’s Equity Advisor, 2014

“Really loved having volunteers available at our Orientation events – would’ve loved a few more, given the amount of students at our events, but really loved how you responded so well to the needs of our students (getting a wheelchair, connecting with Dons to help their students…etc). Thanks!”

– Jennifer Williams, Student Experience Office Queen’s Orientation, 2014